U$8. dollars Beachfront hostel in Las Peñitas Nicaragua

Las Peñitas and Poneloya Beach hotels. Surfing. fishing and more...

Find a list of the most popular hotels in one of the most popular beach in Nicaragua located just 20 kms from the city of Leon just 15 minutes paved road from Leon where you can find simples but good restaurant, hotels and hostals for a few bucks.

The Peñitas is perfect for surfing, body boarding and swimming with  beautiful sunsets views. It offer pretty good hotels and seafood.. We find hotels that offer surfing classes, boggie boarding and fishing.

Poneloya Beach is a very relaxing beach with the particular scene of a roll of private beach front houses with a corridor in common you can walk. Even that is a small town it offer hotels facilities even rental houses. Not recomended to go swimming since you need to watch that undertow, better go to Las Peñitas which is next to Poneloya. where you must visit the worst historical hotel...the famous Hotel Lacayo with  missing roof tiles, a bulging ceilings and shaky pillars. Like in the scary movies.